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Seven Skys Real Estate Dubai adopts a modernistic approach towards trading real estate in Dubai. Unlike others, we understand the depth of the emotional bond between you and your property; therefore, we not only search suitable clients for you but also facilitate trust-building between you and the prospective clients. Before finalizing any purchase or sale agreement, we make sure that the stakeholders are well-informed about all aspects of the deal. We go an extra mile to make sure that there is no information asymmetry and that no partner takes undue advantage of his position. This is the reason why Seven Skys is a preferred choice among international investors who are not aware of the local real estate dynamics.

Properties To Buy

Family-Friendly Apts. on an Island ...

  3      4      1916 SqFt
  Sunrise Bay   |  Type: Apartment

Own 4-Bedroom Townhouse I Saffron I...

  4      4      2528.55 SqFt
  Saffron   |  Type: Townhouse

Vacant, Nice Layout. 1 BR in South ...

  1      2      975 SqFt
  South Ridge 4   |  Type: Apartment

Spacious 1 Bed Apartment | Busines...

  1      1      744 SqFt
  Marasi Riverside   |  Type: Apartment

4% DLD Fee Waiver I 1 BR Beach Fron...

  1      1      904 SqFt
  Sunrise Bay   |  Type: Apartment

Shell and Core Nice 2 Office Canal ...

  2323 SqFt
  Fifty One Tower   |  Type: Office Space

Properties To Rent

Good studio for Rent in Burj Al N...

  0      1      450 SqFt
  Burj Al Nujoom   |  Type: Apartment

Chiller Free Studio Green Travo B O...

  0      1      550 SqFt
  Travo Tower B   |  Type: Apartment

Large Layout I 1 Bed. Apt I South ...

  1      2      1060 SqFt
  South Ridge 1   |  Type: Apartment

One bedroom I in South ridge I Down...

  1      2      1025 SqFt
  South Ridge 4   |  Type: Apartment

Full Burj Garden view| 2BR I South ...

  2      3      1451 SqFt
  South Ridge 5   |  Type: Apartment

Front Side Shop, Best Location , JV...

  930 SqFt
  Reef Residence   |  Type: Short Term Hotel Apartment

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