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UAE condemns bomb blast in Addis Ababa

Ministry reiterates the UAE’s unequivocal stance and rejection of all forms of violence and terrorism


Sharjah Police launch home safety campaign

People wishing to safeguard their homes when they go on vacation must register in ‘Maskani’ programme


UAE relief ship arrives in Somalia

824 tonnes of food aid will be distributed to the needy people in the drought-stricken Jubaland


Clear legal contracts the way forward

What does the law say about social media influencers’ responsibilities? Expert clarifies


Can you spot a social media influencer?

Wielding enormous power to dictate your lifestyle choices, they are the marketing specialists of the new age


UAE denies running Yemeni prisons

The UAE Mission to UN has denied international reports of managing secret detention centres in Yemen


Is your child showing symptoms of asthma?

Doctors discuss ways parents can spot asthma triggers and allergens, and ways to help ease treatment for their children


UK releases expat bereavement guide

New report describes repatriation process to send expat bodies home to UK or Commonwealth countries


British Museum gallery to be named after Zayed

The gallery for Europe and the Middle East explores the history of farming and the resulting progress that formed the modern world


Abu Dhabi Ladies Club opens

The club is located next to the Armed Forces Officers Club on Al Khaleej Al Arbi Street


Abu Dhabi Summer Season starts on Thursday

2018 edition features up to 80% discount across malls, summer pass for travellers, hotel promotions and shows


Solar power kills man in Jebel Ali

Police urge public to be careful when connecting solar-powered generators


A guide to leaving the UAE stress-free

The nitty-gritty you will want to know before you get on to the plane for your next destination