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Villas for rent in Downtown Dubai


Downtown Dubai, the heart of Dubai, which is home to largest landmarks of the World, is one of the most visited places of Dubai.

There are a lot of attractions for tourists and residents in Downtown Dubai including the Burj Khalifa, Souk Al Bahar and the Opera District. The city itself is a unique blend of beautifully designed residential apartments, villas and towers. One of the most anticipated events of Downtown Dubai is the New Year’s Eve Gala.


An Ideal Living Location

Downtown Dubai lies alongside Sheikh Zayed Road on the North-West of Dubai. Being the most bustling area of Dubai, it possesses various commercial, residential, entertainment, retail and leisure outlets. When looking for a residence in Downtown Dubai, there are many people who choose to live in apartments while there are also many people who opt for living in villas.

Villas for rent in Downtown Dubai are famous due to their spacious area, beautiful interior and exterior, lush green spaces and beautiful surroundings. Not only this, Downtown Dubai also shares strong connections with the Dubai Metro and Dubai Mall Metro Station. That is why people prefer living here and keep looking for the properties for rent.

Downtown Dubai properties including villas, apartments, pent houses are the most sought-after properties in Dubai. The reason why people choose residing in Downtown Dubai and taking apartments, pent houses and villas for rent in Downtown Dubai is simple. The place is ideal for both social and business life. The overall community profile of Downtown Dubai is defined by various individuals, couple and families, business leaders and connoisseurs.

The location is easily approachable and is a few minutes of drive away from all the major corporate areas of Dubai including the Business Bay, Dubai International Financial Centre and the Emaar Boulevard. Not only this, the location is ideal for key leisure hubs for families and individuals, who can go there in their spare time and can enjoy the amazing views of the Dubai Opera, various restaurants, designer boutiques and the very famous Armani Hotel in order to avail both business benefits and pleasure. The highest viewed and demanded properties for sale or rent lie in Downtown Dubai by Emaar Developers.



The area is specially popular due to its high living standards, basic amenities and ultramodern lifestyle. The city remains active throughout the year due to its immense popularity among the tourists and the residents. For those who are looking for a suitable walking place, there are large walkaways present. The area has lot of rental properties to offer including small apartments, luxury villas and Pent Houses.

The local and other people are allowed to purchase these properties on rent and benefit themselves with the amazing views of the place. Almost all residential complexes offered by Emaar Developers offer gyms, pools, restaurants and libraries.

Not only this, Downtown Dubai offers mixed-use complexes and is a growing city place with beautifully designed towers, villas for rent in Downtown Dubai and commercial zones. For those who want to live close to their working places, there is no better option than residing in Downtown Dubai properties, as they share a closer distance with all the major corporate areas in Dubai, so you can reach your workplace within no time.


Villas for rent in Downtown Dubai- a Perfect Residence

Villas for rent in Downtown Dubai are all ultra modern and spectacularly designed and truly represent the high living standards of the city. The Downtown Dubai villas are an amazing place to live, closer to your work place and perfect for living and enjoying all the beautiful insights of the city. These villas are located perfectly, just a few steps away from shopping malls, restaurants and other worth-watching places in the city.

These features makes these villas as one of the most demanded properties in Dubai for living. Also, in case you are thinking of some kind of property investment, in that case you need to think about buying villas for rent in Downtown Dubai and it is an ideal thing when it comes to property investment.

There are lots of fascinations in Downtown Dubai to ponder: the super luxury hotels, retail and shopping areas and beautiful lake surroundings. That’s why this place is considered as one of the prime places from residential point of view. Also, due to their high demand, Villas in Downtown Dubai are considered as one of the most expensive properties in Dubai for investment.

From investment point of view, this project is definitely a blessing as it consists of total 11 property development projects in the city that are all considered major. These include the Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa, the Address Downtown Dubai Hotel, Burj Park Island, Soug Al Bahar, Emaar Boulevard, the Old Town and the Old Town Island, the Residences, Emaar Square and the South Ridge.


Rental Villas in Downtown Dubai-Best for Vacation and Residence

Villas for rent in Downtown Dubai are not only limited to the high towers and tall buildings. These villas in fact add to the urban environment of the city and contribute a lot in making Downtown Dubai as one of the leading metropolitan areas in Dubai.

Villas for rent in Downtown Dubai are well-provided with space and beautiful interior and exterior, adding to extra glamour and space. So, when it comes to living in a popular and renowned area in the world and add to the beauty and high living standards of your life, there is no better option than Downtown Dubai, offering a variety of properties including villas, pent houses and apartments ranging in size from small apartments, studio apartments up to luxurious apartments.

So, the best type of accommodation for tourists and visitors in Dubai are the villas for rent in Downtown Dubai, to enhance your memorable experience of residence in Dubai. Even you are on holidays and want to make them the most memorable, there is no better option than taking villas for rent in Downtown Dubai if you have a handsome amount of budget and can meet the expenses of living in Downtown Dubai.

Thus, Villas for rent in Downtown Dubai provide a cozy friendly feeling and a beautiful home to you, making your vacations best and urging you to stay there even more.