5th July 2017

Is it safe to invest in Dubai real estate amid Saudi-Qatar rift?

The effects of Qatar’s economic-cutoff have started surfacing. Economists and specialists already predicted that the effects will extend beyond oil prices. Talking specifically about Dubai, the […]
4th June 2017

Dubai: From a desert to a metropolis

Development in Dubai has uplifted the whole Middle Eastern region. The once desert city, joined the race of urban development under the supervision of aspiring and […]
24th May 2017

5 Easy Tips for buying a house in Dubai

If you have heavy pockets and are looking for a short buyer guide for buying a house in Dubai then look no further. Here are a few smart tips to consider before you finalize the deal:
20th May 2017

What is it like to live in Dubai?

Beyond the perfectly laid roads, the tall skyscrapers and the never-ending shopping malls, is the life of a normal man living in Dubai. Here is what it feels like: