Applying Buffet’s investment advice on Dubai Real Estate

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Applying Buffet’s investment advice on Dubai Real Estate

When it comes to investment advice, Warren Buffet is your man. It will be unfair to confine his wisdom to the stock market. I personally feel that most of his advice is as applicable on real estate as on stock market. Like:

This holds true for the investors who have a keen eye for investment opportunity in Dubai real estate. It’s hard to resist the urge to invest in every upcoming off-plan project when you are rich Sheikh who inherited a bunch of oil wells. But for a smart investor, injecting money in every second option does not guarantee best returns. Wait for the opportunity which ensures value at a fair price.

Dubai real estate is dominated by a hand full of world-class developers. For instance, the ‘Emaar’ tag is a strong guarantee for a well-managed project. Buffet advises sticking to opportunities which are created and managed by smart people. So, go for credible names when it comes to real estate investment.

In Buffet’s view, one must understand an investment opportunity in order to value it. Remember: Price and value are not the same thing. Don’t be fooled into buying that overly priced house for sale in Dubai Creek thinking it will earn you good value in the long run because price is only one tiny little indicator of a good investment.

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