4 Things To do Before Throwing A Beach Party In Dubai

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19th July 2017
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4 Things To do Before Throwing A Beach Party In Dubai

The very location of Dubai gives it a huge advantage when it comes to tourism. Bordered by a long array of public and commercial beaches, Dubai offers you many options for the perfect beach party.
But before you make the arrangements, beware of the following:

#1 You need decent clothes

Despite hosting an approximately 80% expat population, the Dubai government adheres to its religious and cultural values. Women can’t walk around the beaches in any explicit piece of cloth. That is a big no. This is important if you are hosting a mixed gathering with friend who are unware of local laws. It won’t be restricting because there are still a lot of fun activities for both male and female visitors like jet-skiing and fly boarding.
Plus, there are special days dedicated only to women just in case you want a ladies-only event.

#2 Don’t be lured by the blue waves

Blue water beaches are always very tempting, especially when you are partying with friends. The golden sand, green palms, wild tides and good company make the perfect setting for having a swim. But be cautious because the tides are not kind. It is only a matter of seconds that one gets carried away by a merciless current or a high tide. So, should you stay dry at a beach party? No. Just, swim in low waters and swim in groups. It is best to understand the coast guard safety signals before you dive in. Lastly, be wary of jelly fish in summers. Although a jelly fish does not attack unless harmed, you can never be too sure if the little thing is on an attacking spree.

#3 Bring along the fun stuff

Some of the public beaches like Burj Beach and Ghantoot Beach have volley wall nets in place, but it is better to have your own arrangements just in case the place is already taken. Weekends are usually crowded at public beaches, so you need to prepare beforehand by renting the things you will need i.e. umbrellas, beach chairs etc. In case you are headed towards Jumeriah Beach Residence, grab a rugby and a Frisbee to have some extra fun.

#4 Don’t forget the sun block!

Never leave your home without a sun block, unless you are throwing a beach party at night. The sun can be very ruthless at times reaching as high as 41 °C (106 °F) during the day. Protect yourself with a good covering of sun-block to avoid tanned limbs.

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