3 things to do before you move in that ‘house for rent’ in Dubai

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6th July 2017
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3 things to do before you move in that ‘house for rent’ in Dubai

Renting a place in Dubai is the best option if you don’t plan to stay long-term or if your pockets can’t bear the burden of buying a house.
There are three main things you need to do before finalizing a rent deal in Dubai.

#1 Know the neighbors

Many people get so caught up in the technical details that they forget what matters most: the people around you. Extrovert or not, a good neighborhood is a huge factor. A bad neighborhood can ruin your life even if you find a cheap place to rent. So, before you pack the bags, take a tour around the place and meet the people just to get a hint of the overall community. This is all the more important if you are an expat.

#2 Know the past tenants

Some landlords are bad at dealing with tenants. Do your homework and see the list of past tenants and the reason why they left. Rapidly changing tenants is a warning sign. See if the tenants left on personal or technical grounds. You can get this information by visiting 2-3 estate agents and the neighborhood. It is always a good idea to satisfy your curiosity before signing the deal.

#3 Know your legal rights

Dubai’s Government has been very active in resolving landlord-tenant issues. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has set a list of legal obligations applicable to both parties to ensure a profitable and healthy relationship. If you have just moved into Dubai or are unaware of your tenancy rights, then have a good look at RERA’s website here. This will save you from exploitation.

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