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Types of houses in Dubai: What’s your choice?

Houses come in all sizes; big, small and medium. Your lifestyle choices make up your dream home.
In Dubai, you can choose between an apartment and a villa. But within these two types, is a further classification based on the luxury factor. On one side of the spectrum are the lavish residencies overlooking the Dubai skyline and on the other side are standard housing units with basic necessities.

The eye-popping luxurious residencies

Developers in Dubai are biased towards the rich. That’s understandable since Dubai is inhabited by many high net worth expats who are the reason why the local shopping malls are profitable. Signified by sleek architecture, subtle aesthetics and a touch of nature, such type of residences include fully furnished apartments and spacious townhouses with amenities like spa, gym, yoga spots etc. Luxury is major preference in many emerging projects like Hyatt Regency Creek Heights, The Cove, Vida Residencies, Dubai Sports City, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Beach Residence etc.

The superior residencies

In between the luxurious and standard class is the superior class of residencies. Targeted towards the middle-upper class, such residencies focus on community lifestyle, basic necessities and one or more unique selling points. Azizi Five Star Serviced Apartments is one example. Again, you can find villas as well as apartments within this category.

The ‘normal’ residencies

Yes, such a classification exists in the oh-so-perfect Dubai. It is niche compared to the other offerings. Majority of such residencies are apartments since that has lower rentals as compared to villas. But the scenario is expected to change because the Government is becoming more serious about creating quotas for affordable housing projects for the greater good of middle and lower income classes.
This classification is extremely obvious if you stroll in the streets of Dubai.
Regardless of profit margins, we at SevenSkys cater to clients from all social classes in finding the best and most suitable deal in Dubai.

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